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About Daley

Daley is a talented composer for multimedia and the concert stage based in NYC. Known for his distinctive musical style, his work spans atmospheric electronic soundscapes to grand orchestral compositions. With a keen aptitude for screen scoring, he skillfully employs traditional and unconventional musical arrangements while being skilled in modern music production. Additionally, as a multifaceted violinist, he is comfortable in both the studio and stage. 


Story & More Info​

Daley embarked on his musical journey at the tender age of six under the guidance of his illustrious grandfather, a renowned violin teacher in their town. This early exposure ignited a profound and enduring passion for music in Daley. Throughout his academic journey, he maintained a professional outlook as an artist rather than merely a student.

Before college, Daley's notable achievements as a violinist included securing second place and an honorary award in the 6th National Examination Competition of the China Conservatory of Music, along with earning the regional first prize. Following these accomplishments, he furthered his musical journey by performing as a supplementary member in various symphony orchestras and fulfilling the role of a string assistant in China and Thailand

While pursuing his undergraduate degree, Daley majored in violin performance, studying under the esteemed Carla Trynchuk, who herself had been mentored by legendary educators Dorothy DeLay and Hyo Kang at the prestigious Juilliard School. This educational lineage gave Daley a deep appreciation for these iconic figures' foundational pedagogy and enduring legacy. He assumed pivotal roles in various musical ensembles, even as a concertmaster, including the time under the baton of Herbert Blomstedt. These experiences nurtured his collaborative skills and significantly enriched his compositional abilities.

Driven by his insatiable curiosity, Daley delved into the art of composition, progressing from crafting simple melodies to creating grand orchestral works. His works are frequently performed at the Howard Performing Arts Center in the past 3 years. At the same time, this artistic evolution led him to pursue a master's in Screen Scoring at NYU, expanding his musical horizons and deepening his understanding of the industry. During this period, he honed his craft across a broad spectrum of film scoring genres, ranging from classical orchestral compositions to contemporary electronic and pop tracks, while immersing himself in the intricate nuances of technology and workflow within the field. Besides, he held the position of a graduate student instructor at NYU, continuing to impart his musical knowledge and expertise to the next generation of composers.

With a classical violinist's foundation and the perspective of a skilled multimedia composer, Daley found inspiration in the rich tapestry of symphonic works while also remaining at the vanguard of music production technology. He is on a relentless journey to blend the worlds of concert composition and electronic music production, equipping himself to tackle the unique challenges of the ever-evolving scoring landscape. In doing so, he positions himself as a versatile and dynamic composer ready to make his mark on the industry.

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