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Available Services

Original Music

Elevate your project with tailor-made compositions that capture the essence of your vision. The original music compositions are crafted to evoke the perfect mood and enhance your content, from films to commercials. Customize requirements to create orchestral, electronic music, pop songs, and beats.

Violin Record & Performance

Experience the expressive power of live violin performances. Whether you need studio-quality recordings or captivating live performances, the skilled violinist will add a touch of elegance to your event or project.

Music Mixing

Achieve a professional sound with our expert music mixing services. Blend and balance every element of your track, enhancing clarity and depth for a polished and radio-ready result.

Orchestration & Arranging

Transform your musical ideas into full-scale orchestral or instrumental arrangements. The expert orchestrator and arranger breathe life into your compositions, creating dynamic and captivating scores.

Score & Recording Session Preparation

Create scores and parts and ready PT sessions to maximize the efficiency and excellence of your recording sessions. The service ensures that every detail, from sheet music parts to the conductor's scores, is meticulously prepared so you can focus on capturing the perfect performance.

Audio Implementation & QLab

Bring your video games, apps, or multimedia projects to life with immersive audio. The audio implementation expert seamlessly integrates sound effects and music to create engaging and interactive experiences.

Private Lesson

Unleash your musical potential through personalized one-on-one lessons. The experienced instructor provides guidance in violin, music theory, and composition tailored to your unique goals and aspirations. Experience the expressive power of live violin performances. 

Music Editing

Refine your audio recordings with precision and expertise. The music editing service ensures seamless transitions, pitch-perfect tuning, and flawless timing to make your music shine. Edit music, dialog, and sound effects to the required materials.

Sound Design

Create unique sonic worlds for your projects with our custom sound design solutions. From cinematic soundscapes to game audio to advertisements, the sound designer crafts original, immersive sound experiences.


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